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Academic Clinician Track

Thank you for your interest in Penn Hospital Medicine's Academic Clinican (AC) Track.

At Penn, academic clinicians are non-tenured faculty, Assistant Professor level and above who focus on clinical care, quality and safety, and education, including potential leadership opportunities in these domains. Research is not required in this track and promotion is based on a faculty member's excellence in teaching, professionalism and excellence in a chosen Area of Concentration, which can be clinical or non-clinical. The majority of faculty in the Penn Hospital Medicine group are in AC track.  

A successful applicant to AC track typically has at least 1 year of academic faculty experience post-residency (such as Chief Residency or Instructor position) or have advanced degrees such as a Master's degree or PhD and must be able to articulate what their intended Area of Concentration will be.   

Hospitalists on AC track will typically work 15-17 shifts a month and have a minimum of 6-8 weeks of housestaff service, with remaining weeks on daytime frontline, collaborative care, consult and comanagement services. Non-clinical days are flexible for personal academic and professional development. All faculty are assigned mentors in their Area of Concentration.   

We hope you will consider applying and look forward to hearing from you!


Emmanuel King, MD, SFHM, FACP

Director, Recruiting/On-Boarding, Penn Hospital Medicine

Professor of Clinical Medicine 


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