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Internal Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship

Established in 2016, the internal medicine track of the fellowship provides formalized ultrasound training for candidates who have completed residency in specialties other than emergency medicine.  Representative of the interdisciplinary Penn ultrasound community, IM track fellows have included new graduates from internal medicine and family medicine residencies, seasoned hospitalists, and subspeciality trained clinicians from nephrology and pulmonology / critical care.

IM fellows work slightly less than half time clinically in the hospitalist division, and spend the remainder of their time devoted to ultrasound training.  The ultrasound activities are essentially the same as those of EM track fellows, including scanning in the emergency department, supervising medical student and resident ultrasound learners, participating in ultrasound division weekly image review, and completing an ultrasound research project.  Additionally, IM track fellows are playing an increasing role in the ultrasound education of the internal medicine housestaff.

The demand for ultrasound education in internal medicine residency and subspecialty fellowship training is growing rapidly.  Graduates of the IM track are ideally positioned to become leaders in bedside ultrasound education and research within academic internal medicine.

Meet our current fellows by clicking here and setting the pulldown menu to Point-of-Care Ultrasound Fellow. 

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