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We believe hospitalists are at the center of the evolving Learning Health System.  Thus, we aim to provide the skills, expertise, and experience for hospitalists to shape the future of medical care through their scholarship.


Our hospitalists are at the forefront of scholarship in:


Orr AR et al., PMID 31213941
Ryskina et al, PMID 29697425
Ryskina et al., PMID 28753038

Quality Improvement:

Patel N PMID 30008225
Myers JS PMID 29794518
Umscheid CA PMID 30794135
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Leonard et al. PMID 31098972
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We also are thought leaders in these domains:

Burke et al., PMID 29470575 (research)
Burke et al., PMID 30996036 (QI)
Wang FY et al., PMID 30998581 (education)
Myers et al. PMID 30886120 (QI/eduation)
Greysen et al., PMID 30884512 (QI)
Baston CM et al., PMID 30592332 (education)
Kohn et al., PMID 30534643 (research)
Wang FY et al., PMID 29944540 (education)
Wang FY et al., PMID 29923891 (education)
Myers et al., PMID 29858551 (education/faculty development)
Choi et al., PMID 29791826 (QI)
Aysola et al., PMID 29023244 (education)

See a list of all our recent publications via Pubmed.


Building a model VA-state partnership to support non-institutional long-term care for Veterans
VA HSR&D Innovation Award
Burke/Werner (PI)

Improving transitional care for Veterans discharged to post-acute care facilities
VA HSR&D Career Development Award
Burke (PI)

A conference for patient-centered post-acute care
National Institute on Aging
Levy (PI), Burke co-I and conference co-director

Evaluating the use and outcomes of post-acute care for individuals with dementia
University of Pennsylvania Institute on Aging
Burke (PI)

Evaluating Nursing Home Compare 5-star ratings as an indicator of skilled nursing facility quality for Veterans
Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics pilot

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