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Our Directors of Faculty Development and Research have dedicated time to support, mentor, and train new faculty. Within our group, faculty have access to an organized structure to promote “learning by doing. For example, a new faculty member might present at our monthly Evidence-Based Medicine conference. Based on the questions involved, a review of the literature may be appropriate to conduct and publish.

Questions spurred by the EBM presentation could then be explored in a project. To organize thinking around this project, faculty submit a “Request for Assistance” and receive ongoing feedback from research faculty in the hospital medicine group through regular “Office Hours.”

When the project is ready to launch, faculty can take advantage of a Masters-trained analyst familiar with Penn data to support basic analytic needs.

Faculty who “catch the bug” and want to pursue more training in scholarship can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities on the University of Pennsylvania campus:

a.      Fellowship training

         i.        CHIPS

         ii.       MSH

         iii.      CCEB

         iv.      NCSP

          v.      MSCE

b.      Certificates

         i.       CHIPS

         ii.      Health Care Innovation

         iii.     CCEB

         iv.     Medical Education 


Faculty commonly collaborate with other institutions outside the HMG for educational, QI, or research opportunities, including:

a.      Leonard Davis Institute 

b.      CHERP 

c.      Center for Health Care Innovation

d.      CHIBE 

e.      PAIR 

f.      Nudge Unit 



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